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Tuesdays at Nerang BiCentennial Community Centre


Shannon Wright

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Adventures InFocus

Role Playing Sessions for NDIS


Acting InFocus for NDIS

Classes for Spectrum (ADHD/ASD) Youth and Adults


What's Left Over

A Short Film Co-Starring Shannon Wright and Sam Kennedy

With years of Experience both on Stage and in the Film Industry, our Coaches know what’s expected of you, how to inspire and empower you, and how to set you apart from the crowd. Learn from us and bring your Acting Career inFocus.

Audition Prep

We can help you nail that big Audition!  For Screen or Stage, we know how to help you stand out, teaching you techniques to keep you at the front of the pack.

Self Tapes

Come to our Studio and tape that Audition to send back to your Agent.  You’ll feel more comfortable knowing our professionals have given you the tools to be your best.

Scene Study

Auditioning isn’t the only important thing – keeping your skills honed by being in an ongoing scene study class with partners of your calibre is a necessity if you want to pursue Acting as a Career..icon

Private Coaching

One on one personalized Coaching may be exactly what you need.  You can come to us, or we can come to you.  We’ll help you learn the skills that will set you apart.

Theatre Making

Join up for a group experience in Theatre Making.  Devise and Perform your original piece.

Industry Support

Our Students will also get help in knowing what to expect from the Industry, Agents, Headshots, and what being on a movie set is actually like.

Let’s take the next step and work together