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Greeting Adventurers!

Your humble Narrator will be at TableTopCon in February in Southport! I’ll be showcasing our very own system, Enter the Dreamscape! As well as Krishada Games’ fun hit, The Earth is Ours!

TableTopCon is designed to bring together and celebrate all things tabletop gaming, from TTRPGS, Wargames, Board Games, and TCG’s. Over the 2 days, there will be tournaments to attend and compete in, free play sessions, and intros into Role Playing Games like Pathfinder, DnD, and more. Additionally, local and interstate Board Game designers will be showcasing some of their brand new games still in development or demoing their latest releases!
To view the schedule and purchase tickets visit
Ticket prices:
Saturday only ticket $25
Sunday only ticket $25
Weekend Pass (Includes entry into 1 tournament) $40
Additional Tournament Entry add on $15

Join us for some of the best games you’ll ever play.

Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

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