InFocus Acting for NDIS Clients

Acting Classes for People with ASD and ADHD

Social Learning

As well as practicing Social Interactions in a safe environment and understanding the consequences thereof, Clients work on Greater Theory of Mind  – what it means to see things from other perspectives.  Clients also get to use Acting Classes like a ‘gym for their emotions’ – working out those feelings and gaining better control over them through practice and understanding.

Safe Environment

As with all Acting Classes, InFocus strives to create a safe space for everyone.  We work with youth on the spectrum, and have a good understanding of how to interact in ways that are both safe and encourage social behaviour skills.  We have no tolerance for intolerance, and no matter what you identify with, or as, we are here to provide a fun, learning environment. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, so if you’re not, this isn’t the place for you.

Game Playing

The use of Improvisational Games is great, challenging and fun.  It helps Clients feel the freedom of being okay with making mistakes.  Failure is how we learn, and allowing yourself to be okay with ‘not being perfect’ can be very difficult for those on the spectrum.  These games build confidence and can help with social cues such as eye contact.

Script Analysis

Writers use certain techniques to help Actors understand how to present the line.  By studying scripts, we learn how to interpret that code, and thereby upskill out Cold Reading abilities! Imagine going to an Audition, and your read is so good that Casting wants you to read for a bigger part – do you have the skills it takes to read it in ways that will impress and inspire them? We can show you how.


These Sessions are for those with NDIS Funding! See the difference it make in clients with ADHD and ASD! Not only fun, and social, but beneficial!

Weekly Sessions

We hold weekly sessions during the day Monday through Friday! We are up and down the Coast from Tweed to Coomera!

Years of Training and On set Experience

Shannon has spent years Training, Acting, and Training Actors – just see his About Page for more info. Once there you can even see him in Action!

Disability Support Worker

Shannon has spent the last two years doing Disability Support for youth with spectrum disorders such as ASD and ADHD.  He has a great understanding of the spectrum brain, as he has one himself!

Seeing Is Believing

I’ve seen first hand the transformative power of acting training and roleplaying on those on the spectrum.  One pair of siblings went from literally hiding in the corner of the library during class to singing a capella in front of their whole school!

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