A little bit about me

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario in Canada.  Right across the river from Detroit, Michigan, and three and a half hours drive up the highway to Toronto.  Windsor is an automotive factory town, but thankfully there was an Expanded Arts Program called WCCA (Windsor Centre for the Creative Arts) that started in my high school in m grade 9 year.  I was hooked – the arts made my life worthwhile, made me some amazing friends that I have to this day, and kept me off the streets.  Times weren’t always easy for your humble narrator.

I graduated with 24 Arts Credits out of 40 required for my High School Cert.  I went on from there to the University of Windsor for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.  It is a tough program to get into – 500 people apply each year and 14 get in.

Life kept me in Windsor, and so upon leaving University I took a job working Security, then working truck scales, then dispatching trucks and finally running a trucking company!  Shortly after that I realized that Acting was the only thing that made me happy… so I grabbed the drummer from the band, and we drove to Vancouver – no plan, no money, just a car and a dream.

Vancouver is a wonderful city, and it didn’t take too long before I was working on film sets, get a scholarship to a Film School, and eventually met Mel Tuck, my Yoda.  Mel’s approach to acting coaching left its mark and I’ve been using his techniques ever since.

I ended up getting Acting gigs on a few shows and movies and gained my ACTRA Union status.  It was a good ten years learning and working with some of the best crews, directors, and actors in the world.

Life took another twist and I met my birth mother who was based in Calgary, Alberta, on the other side of the Rockies.  One amazing drive later I was living there, and working on AMC’s Hell on Wheels as well as getting a commercial on a Dino Dig!

Soon my son was on the way and we moved to Australia, where I find myself today, teaching, acting, and storytelling my way through life.

Why I love what I do

Acting is forever a unique challenge.  Seeing the world through a new lens gives us insight into the human condition.  Creating truth on stage brings the audience along on your journey and allows you to share your vision of that world – Acting is pure emotional communication.

I’ve had a ton of different Acting coaches in my years, and I’ve taken lessons from each of them, adapted those lessons, and now I want to give them to you.  I want to help you look at scripts and characters in deep and truthful ways, and I want to jump start your understanding of how to get to an engaging, believable performance.

I’ve also been playing TTRPGs for over thirty years! At it’s best, Roleplaying is long form character driven improvisation, guided by a veteran storyteller.  It’s not only a great, socially creative, hobby, it creates moments and friendships that you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Join my table.

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Monologues for Screen

A Sample Of My On Camera Work

Robin Williams’ great monologue from the brilliant film Good Will Hunting.

Jeff Daniels’ iconic monologue from The Newsroom.

Denis O’Hare’s epic monologue from True Blood.

A Collection of Andrew Scott’s amazing lines from BBC’s Sherlock

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