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Social Learning

As well as practicing Social Interactions in a safe environment and understanding the consequences thereof, Clients work on Greater Theory of Mind  – what it means to see things from other perspectives.  Teamwork and Problem Solving are the bread and butter of table top role playing games.

Safe Environment

As with all Acting Classes, InFocus strives to create a safe space for everyone.  We work with youth on the spectrum, and have a good understanding of how to interact in ways that are both safe and encourage social behaviour skills.  We have no tolerance for intolerance, and no matter what you identify with, or as, we are here to provide a fun, learning environment.

 Games Systems

We LOVE D&D of course, but we’re also fans of many other gaming systems! Did you know there are games for every genre you can think of? Right now we’re playing the classic Heroes Unlimited by Palladium where players take on the roles of super powered Heroes! We’re also happy to run games with more mature themes for adults, such as Vampire The Masquerade where you struggle to hold on to your Humanity, or Call of Cthulhu where cosmic horrors lie around every bend!


Sessions for those with NDIS Funding! See the difference it make in clients with ADHD and ASD! Not only fun, and social, but beneficial!

Weekly Sessions

We hold weekly sessions during the day and in the evenings! We are here if you’re Looking For Group!

Years of Storytelling Experience

Sit back and allow a master storyteller take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget.  It’s the moments that make the game, and we know you’ll be talking about those moments for years to come.

Actor and Acting Coach

Knowing how to help the client ‘get into character’ is one of one specialties! Believe us when we say it’s much more fun to play as someone else. 🙂

Seeing Is Believing

I’ve seen first hand the transformative power of acting training and roleplaying on those on the spectrum.  One pair of siblings went from literally hiding in the corner of the library during class to singing a capella in front of their whole school!

We Blog Too

Check our our Blog for thoughts on Acting and Roleplaying! Or ask us anything you like about them!

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