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Greetings again!

Enter The Dreamscape is a Role-Playing Game designed by Shannon Wright and Kristopher Marentette (of Krishada Games!) set in the spaces between minds!

The game is based on a deck of cards, and has you creating an Avatar based on a set of 52 Traits, 52 Powers, 52 Flashbacks, and 52 Destinies! The combinations are near limitless an the ability to change your Avatar by choosing to replace cards in you Design at each Depth you gain, allows you to morph from concept to concept while maintaining your Avatar Advancement.

Unlike games that are designed to model ‘reality’ where your stats are based off of real world ideas like Strength and Constitution, your Avatar is based on how many cards it has in each of the four suits, and what those suits represent.  Hearts heavy Avatar designs are filled with Bravery, Diamonds are the models of Precision, Clubs exude Ferocity, and Spades are the most Cunning.  Most Avatars will be a healthy mix of these suits, but some may lean heavily in one direction, creating an Avatar that work primarily from that aspect.

These Suits add together into Pillars – Bravery and Precision bring WISDOM, Precision and Cunning give us STRATEGY, Cunning and Ferocity give us INSTINCT, and Ferocity plus Bravery give us DARING.

Each of the Pillars branches off into the Spheres, what essentially amounts to your skills, saving throws, initiative, and even hit points!

The Draw System has you choose two suits – normally the two you have the highest stats in – to be your Triumphs and the other two are your Botches! Your Triumph suits are positive results that add to your Sphere, and your Botches are negative results that take away from it! As these are tied to the suits, it gives you and the DreamMaster another tool to help describe the action! Your attack is a Triumph of Bravery! Your Sneak Draw was a Botch of Precision!

Traits and Powers are mechanically described, but give you a wide berth of how you wish to apply them! The Two of Clubs as a Trait is called “Savage Strength” – but it’s up to you to define how that manifests on your Avatar – Do you have an Oversized Frame like Hagrid from Harry Potter, or Big Beefy Arms like a gorilla? Do you look like the Hunchback, or some sort of Hairy Sasquatch Beast? Or maybe you are slight of frame, and your strength is eerily unnatural? The only requirement is that your Avatar is somehow defined by their Savage Strength!  As a trait, that strength of yours will grant you bonuses to the Spheres of Crafter, Harm and Athlete, of course!

The Power associated with the Two of Clubs is called Brawny Berserker! And that allows your Avatar to substitute their Athlete Sphere for their Accuracy and/or Harm Spheres in combat! Basically your combat skills are based in your Ferocity and athleticism – is that some exotic Martial Art? Are you a seasoned Street Fight Champ? You could even define it as having Monstrous Fists – metal, or stone even! Whatever the reason, you have some innate Ferocious fighting capabilities, and that’s what this power is all about.

As you play through dreams, your Avatar can represent any genre you like! It’s not an issue to have a Sasquatch, an Elf,  and a MechWarrior in the same party!

And of course, each Dream can be in a different Genre! You could even be in a Comedy this week, and a Horror next! DreamMasters are encouraged to see the story through the lens of dreaming, and effects like time and place skips, representational landscapes and environments, and much more are encouraged!

Come join us for some of the best games you’ll ever play!


Enter The Dreamscape will be featured at TableTopCon 2022 in Southport, QLD, Australia!

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