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Greeting Adventurers!

Glad you stopped by to read a bit about Gaming Systems!  Here at Adventures InFocus, we belief in Rule 0 above all – the is “If the Rules are getting in the way of the Game, disregard them.”

There are few things you actually remember from the greatest games you’ve ever played, and we know how to bring those things to life! Storytelling moments that engage the senses, memorable locations and NPCs, dramatic choices to be made, these are the things that you remember, not ‘how much damage you do.’  🙂

Here at Adventures InFocus, we are versed in many different Games Systems:

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Pathfinder
  • Starfinder
  • Cyberpunk
  • Heroes Unlimited
  • HERO System 6th Ed
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Vampire the Masquerade
  • Conan

Come learn to lean into your character, dive head first into failure, and let the Storyteller take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.  You may even make some new friends along the way.

Join us for some of the best games you’ll ever play.

Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

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